Road Trip - Kalbarri


Another year at Murchison Caravan Park. Southern Cross Camper Trailers has frequented this lovely park for many years now.

Murchison Caravan Park is located just across the road from the waterfront which holds many activities for all. The park is family run and been a part of the Allen’s Family since the 1960s. It is part of the Top Tourist Caravan Parks. It also boasts having some of the largest drive through sites in Australia. The amenities cannot be faulted. Super clean.  Wonderful facilities on site.

We had the pleasure of being greeted by the “fabulous” Kate who was more than helpful.

Again another relaxing and most enjoyable time here.

Check out their NEW website

Just a glimpse of a wonderful place to stay.

Road Trip - Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Arrived at Coral Bay, Southern Cross Camper Trailers setting up for a few days of exploration.

Based centrally at Bayview Coral Bay which is just a short walk from the lovely bay filled with coral, fish and fun.

Highlights of the stop here would have to be the snorkeling at the bay.  Great for the kids and adults too.  Also at 3.30pm every day there is Fish feeding of huge snapper fish about 50 to 60cm long.  This is a crying shame as we have been unable to catch any descent fish anywhere.  Lots of no fishing areas.



Road Trip - Carnarvon Stop over


Quick stop over in Carnarvon where we were told about the space museum which has only just opened this year.  Buzz Aldrin has been there a few months ago to check is out.  This was one of the Dishes used to track all the Gemini and Apollo rockets during the Moon landings.

We had time to have lunch under the Satellite dish.


Hamelin Pool

Southern Cross Camper Trailers has just pulled up into Hamelin Pool Caravan Park (not to be confused with the first turn off which is the Homestead that has no powered sites).

We are here for an overnight stay and the Red Pearl is a dream to just fold out. The camp kitchen ready to go. As it was a bit windy that night we were able to utilize the features inside. By just removing one of the mattresses we set up the table and made a nice cozy dining area.

Hamelin Pool is of two Stromatolite pools which date back to 3.5 billion years ago. Its Telegraph Station was used to transmit information in earlier days to NASA.   A wonderful historical place to stay filled with lovely people with a treasure trove of information.




Quad or Motor Bike Draw bar option for Camper Trailer

Introducing our great addition to our line up.  The Quad Bike draw bar or enough room for 2 Motor Cross bikes.  It can be added to either the Karijini DIAMOND QUAD or the Karijini INDY QUAD.  The ramps can go on either side of the platform.

Camper Trailers For Sale in Perth NOW

Camper Trailers For Sale in Perth

Hi Everyone.  Just letting you know that we have a Camper trailers both the Karijini Diamond and Karijini Diamond INDY's ready to go.  We will licence and deliver in Perth or can arrange delivery to the transport depot for freight to North, South and East.  We have researched freight options and have very competitive and economical options available.

Also, Talk to us about our current special too.

Camper Trailer Mods

Hey every one.  We are looking for ideas for upgrading our trailers and/of developing new one. so if you have an idea. just send us a message?

New Products

So with the new year in full swing already (where did January go), we are developing new and exciting new products.

We have a new Trailer in production which should be available in March and we are look for new Extras to add to our line up.

So if anyone has any ideas, big or small, drop us a email, call or put something on our Facebook page.  We are always listening.

Safety Tips for Christmas

These are some great tips courtesy of

Great tips for a Safe Holiday :)

  1. Make sure your caravan, camper trailer, tent trailer or 5th Wheeler is serviced before you head off for your Christmas holidays.
    • Check and repack bearings, especially on vans that have been sitting for longer than 6 months

    • Ensure the coupling functions correctly

    • Check all exposed wiring to ensure integrity of insulation and connections, especially the trailer plug

    • Check and replace worn brake pads/shoes, and magnets on electric units, and ensure the handbrake is correctly adjusted

    • Ensure all lights are working correctly and lenses are not broken or faded

    • Grease coupling and suspension if required

    • Check tyre pressures, and tread depth, ensure your tyres are no more than 5 years old

  2. Adjust your attitude. Remember, Christmas is the time for giving, allow yourself plenty of time for travel, there is a good chance it is going to take a while to get to where you want to go, be patient, take regular breaks, and be courteous, the journey is not fun for anyone when you are all worked up.

  3. If you are going somewhere new, plan your journey well ahead, that way there are no surprises. We have found that half the fun of the trip is the planning. Work out where you are going to have your rest stops.

  4. Whilst you are travelling, maintain a safe gap – at least three seconds, between you and the vehicle ahead, this will give you time to react to those sudden traffic snarls that tend to happen at this time of year.

  5. In the traffic, keep your focus well ahead, aim your vision as far ahead as possible, after we have been travelling for a while, we tend to focus on the rear of the vehicle in front of us, stay alert.

  6. Avoid fatigue, ensure you are well rested before you set off, have a bottle of water in the vehicle with you and drink from it regularly, dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue. On average you need to drink around 500mls of water an hour whilst sitting in your air conditioned vehicle. This will also pretty much guarantee that you are going to stop every 2 hours or so.

  7. Keep the kids amused with games that they like to play. While DVDs tend to keep the kids quiet, they don’t get to experience the regions they are travelling through, and they are not sharing the experience with you.

We are off for a trip

Ben and the family are off for a short 1 week family holiday, watch this space for a few comments and pics from the trip.


New Karijini Double Quad Bike-Toy Hauler Camper Trailer

As far as we are aware this is the only specifically designed Double Quad Camper Trailer (we also like to call it the “Toy Hauler”) on the market.


RED PEARL Model forward folding camper

Our New RED PEARL Model available for viewing.

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