Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Whether you have some questions before you take ownership of your new hybrid caravan or need some pre-trip tips and after care advice, the team at Southern Cross Camper Trailers are here to answer any of your questions. Below are a few of the common questions that might help you on your way.

  • Will my vehicle tow the average size tailer?

  • My tow ball is rated, but my vehicle says it can tow …. weight?

  • What benefits do forward folding camper trailers give when setting up camp?

  • What is the best camper for an older person to manage?

  • What is the real difference between off road and on road campers?

  • What is covered under warranty with a camper trailer?

  • What are the speed limits when towing a caravan in Australia?

  • With harsh elements expected from my travels, what should I look out for?

  • Do you have stringent checking and assembly?

  • Importing versus Australian. What Chinese parts are used in Australian made manufacture of camper trailers?

  • Why have a double axle instead of a single axle?

  • Plugs and power, what appliances can be used?

  • How are Southern Cross Camper Trailers so competitive on pricing?

  • What are the costs for freight shipping

  • What body governs the Camper Trailer Business?

  • Do you have parts and after sales support?

  • What general maintenance is required for safety?

  • What are the important day-to-day points to look for?

  • What tools should I take?

  • Who am I dealing with at Southern Cross Camper Trailers?