Our Warranties and Policies

Our Warranties and Policies

Here at Southern Cross Camper Trailers we take warranty matters as a serious obligation to our customers. That is why we have a full 12 month warranty on all parts of the trailer, including parts and labour. We also have a full 5 year warranty on the structure of our trailers.


Unlike a lot of our competitors, the trailer does not have to be returned to us to have any warranty work carried out. If something goes wrong two thousand kilometres from Perth, the last thing you need is to have to come all the way back to get it fixed! We will organise for all work to be carried out at the nearest location where it can be done.


Also, we have all had that situation where you call with a warranty question and someone at the end of the phone is madly scrambling for a reason to say that you are not covered by the warranty. That does not happen at Southern Cross Camper Trailers! We are more inclined to scramble for a reason to say it IS covered! As we say to all our customers as they drive out with their new camper trailer - "If you have a problem, call us! You have enough numbers to get one of us at just about any time."


All service and warranty enquiries need to be email to service@scct.com.au


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