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Drive into the sunset knowing you're

  • No third party inspection required
  • No licence fees for a full 12 months
  • Exceeding Australian Compliance

Our Working Owners


Ben is our Product Development Specialist and leads our Sales Department. Forever refining design and ensuring the Camper Trailers and Hybrid Caravans features are to the highest standard. Ben knows every make and model inside and out, any question you could have about specifications - he's your man!


Denis oversees the assembly of all Southern Cross Camper Trailers and Quality Control, Warranty and Servicing. His hands on approach to assembly of every camper trailer that leaves our premises to be inspected and licenced into your name means to you the prospective purchaser the security of knowing we care about your safety and trouble free camping.

There's no question too big or small

We licence your Southern Cross Camper Trailer in to your name, so you just have the hitch the trailer and drive away. No booking in for an inspection or inspection fees, no taking time off work, no failing inspection, no licence fees for a full 12 months. We have been supplying affordable feature packed, Australian Compliant camper trailers and Hybrid Caravans to the happy campers in Western Australia since 2010. Find out more

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